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FEMA01 started its journey around 8 years ago when I was practicing illustration. I enjoyed illustrating forms and especially female form due to their nature of organic lines and rounded appearance. Turning this work into experimental photographic and image making work was the natural progression. I worked with friends photographing them in their homes or in familiar locations where they felt at home. Experimenting with glass elements, filters and shutter speeds - the work is dream-like and explores a range of ways you can capture a female form with a camera. 

The book includes over 100 photographs exploring multiple image making techniques, poetry, stories and lyrics from a few creative minds featured below. 

Book specs:
A4 76pp Printed on 300/150 Old Mill – Perfect Bound

Included with the book:
Unique 1/50 A5 post card
Large 1/12 A2 Poster 

Book credits:
Design & Photography:
Mark Manzi Words & Stories: Lidewij Mulder, Amra Boos, Elisabeth Andrée Wiltens, Tess Stefania, Julia van Ee, Aya Zahra, Aldous Harding, Skullcrusher & Ravyn Lenae 

Printing by: Maxim Printing Services, London 
©Mark Manzi Photography 2023

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