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People of Japan (2021 Re-Print)

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'People of Japan' started as a selection of images shot by Mark Manzi during his visit to Japan in 2019. After meeting with Paul Humphries in Amsterdam they both decided to collaborate on a project that would be part image and part writing. 

In just under a month Mark travelled from Tokyo to Osaka and documented the people of Japan in the way he knows how. Paul has provided an in depth conversation about both the people of Japan and digital culture today. This has resulted in a collaborative image and copy project that closely looks at Japanese culture today.

The images depict the lives of the Japanese population from children to the elderly. Whilst travelling across Japan Mark also collected bags, receipts and other items that help tell the story about the daily life in Japan.   

The A4 sized book comes in a 10x4 unique sleeve and has over 40 photographs and scans of object collected across Japan spread over 44 pages, in 2 covers and 4 different sleeves. 

The book features a special contribution by Efrain Vivas Hattori.

Special thanks to Iman El Kafrawi, Nick Ridgeway and Sheila Nsubuga.

The book is a limited to a 50 copy print run. 

****Due to the demand we will be doing limited a second print of the book.*****

Book specs:
A4 44pp 
Printed on 300/150 Old Mill – S Bound
Tracing paper special edition sleeve: 200gsm Chromatico Stock
*2021 Reprint features 2 new covers and sleeves

Purchase details:
This book is non-refundable after purchase, due to production processes. 

Book credits:

Photography & Design | Mark Manzi
Haiku | Efrain Vivas Hattori
Words | Paul Humphries
Editor | Iman El Kafrawi 

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