Kind words

North Four

"Everyone and their mother can take a half decent photo with an iPhone and a SnapChat filter. It’s in focus, they’ve got their eyes open and you didn’t even drop the camera. Maybe you are a genius? Perhaps you’ve finally found your artistic calling? Very possible. But before you hand in your notice down at the abattoir, take a look at Mark Manzi’s gorgeous shots… Yeah and that is how it’s done."

- Violet Myers 

It's Nice That

"Mark Manzi makes a spectacle of spectators at the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Mark Manzi  headed down as a voyeur photographing the amassing throng of onlookers, straining and craning their own cameras to immortalise the event. The resulting series of photographsThe Queen at 90 is one part editorial feature, and one part a humorous montage recording the lengths people go to in awe of tradition and spectacle."

- Jamie Green

Creative Review

"Our favourite pieces of work from the Visual Communications section this year. The Nottingham Trent Uni stand has a lot of strong work, we're looking at the  photographic-based work by Mark Manzi."

- Eliza Williams


"Congratulations to Mark Manzi for winning the 2013 Student Photographer award with his striking photography. Showing great style both in colour and black and white." 

- Fujifilm 

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